Do you have a remodeling or renovation project?

Our company has been helping builders to save 70% and more of the lowest original bid on the complete turnkey project by working directly with the top manufacturers in China right now!

  • Do you have a remodeling or renovation project?
  • Are you working on opening a new Retail or the Manufacturing business?
  • Do you need any type of equipment?


We outsource and organize the purchase of everything you need directly from top manufacturers in China.

Our company specializes in locating, purchasing and shipping of:

  • Construction materials
  • Exterior and interior decoration materials
  • Hotels equipment
  • Restaurants equipment
  • Various manufacturing machinery
  • Private households furnishings and equipment


Chinese products have long ceased to associate with low-quality products. Today, the Middle Kingdom manufacturers use the latest, post-modern technologies in the manufacturing process, often involving the top Western experts. The result is obvious: Chinese products are rapidly gaining worldwide popularity.

It's no longer a secret that many Western manufacturing companies have long ago moved their entire production to China. In this country, you can find factories that produce European, American and Canadian brands. These are not the copies or the fakes, but the very originals. Cheap labor and low cost of organizing production are dictating to the Western investors to develop their product in the Chinese market.

However, foreign brands are being gradually supplanted by the Chinese Tigers. Having mastered modern production technologies, the Middle Kingdom factories produce furniture, building materials and various manufacturing equipment, which in terms of style and quality not only successfully compete with world brands, but also surpass them. The main advantage is low cost and a wide range of assortment. 

Why is it profitable to order a complete set of your restaurant, hotel, home and so on from China?


  • Savings! You can make a purchase with a significant saving of more than 70%;
  • Wide range! You are guaranteed to find anything you need In the Middle Kingdom;
  • No worries! The complete process from procurement to delivery is undertaken by ABC (our company);

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